JGF Passenger Boats presents their Shepperton Cruise to customers in and around Staines, Teddington, Kingston, Surrey, London, Sussex and the Home Counties.

At JGF Passenger Boats we proudly present our customers in and around Staines, Teddington Kingston, Surrey, London, Sussex and the Home Counties with our wonderful Shepperton Cruise which is available to book today. Since spring is just around the corner and happens to be a beautiful part of the year, our Shepperton Cruise is something that you don’t want to miss out on.  It brings an opportunity to have family and friends together and allows you to enjoy the scenic views of the royal River Thames. As we are riverbourne specialists we aim to provide our customers with nothing but the upmost best and that is why we have become a popular choice in and around Staines, Teddington, Kingston and Surrey. Furthermore another reason for why we have so many loyal and returning customers is because they have the ability to choose from our amazing packages, which are carefully put together by us. On the other hand if you do wish to create your own customised package, we can help you with that too, by giving you various contacts for entertainment and decorations.  So, if you are interested in our Shepperton Cruise then please contact us today for more information, and we will make sure that you have a blast.

JGF Passenger Boats offers their amazing Shepperton Cruise to those who wish to plan a private event or a sightseeing tour

For many years now we have offered our Shepperton Cruise service to those who wish to plan either a private event or a sightseeing cruise with their friends and family. We have found that our Walton Jester vessel is a very popular choice for these kinds of events, especially if you are planning something intimate. Moreover the vessel can be adapted to any kind of event you might be planning such as birthday, anniversaries or dinners. If this is the case then please visit our boats package page on our website to see what we can do for you when it comes to our Shepperton Cruise.

Contact JGF Passenger Boats for our Shepperton Cruise

If you require any more information about our Shepperton Cruise, please call us today on 01932 253374. Alternatively you can Request a call back or a quote online at

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