JGF Passenger Boats offer excellent Public Boat Trips around Teddington for family and friends all year round

Since being established in 1971, John French and his father Edward have been providing their customers with wonderful Public Boat Trips around Teddington. As a family run business we take pride in what we do and more importantly enjoy bringing happiness to family and friends during our cruises. At JGF Passenger Boat we have an unmarked safety record and a lot of satisfied, loyal customers. We make it our priority to make sure that we offer the best service to our customers and that they enjoy our Public Boat Trips around Teddington, which can even be customised to your liking. JGF Passenger Boats are member of the Passenger Boat Association which is a Group Association within the British Marine. This gives our customer a peace of mind and ensures that that we take great care of our clients when they are on board on one of our four vessels.

What do our Public Boat Trips around Teddington offer?

At JGF Passenger Boats, our Public Boat Trips around Teddington are available all year round for the public and for organised event trips. The maximum capacity for our cruises is up to 150 passengers and this type of vessel is available for private functions and sightseeing trips. Furthermore all of our vessels are available for all sorts of Public Boat Trips such as parties, private hire for any type of function, corporate hire, discos, wedding, fine dining and even promotions. JGF Passenger Boats can provide you with a bare boat and can leave it for you to organise or with no extra added cost we can offer you a complete package for your event. In addition to all of this we also offer our customers a range of special event that we host throughout the year that they can join. This is usually for smaller groups or couples who can enjoy our Public Boat Trips without having to personally hire a complete boat.

Contact JGF Boats for our Public Boat Trips around Teddington

If you have any further enquires about our Public Boat Trips service and are located within Surrey, London, Sussex and the Home Counties, then please contact us today on 01932 253374. Alternatively you can visit our website at, where you can Request a free call back.

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